About Amanda

Mommy. Wife. Writer. Editor. Daughter. Friend. Sister. Christian. Human.

All of these roles are now forced to share space with an unwelcome and very demanding co-star: Cancer. It started in my colon and metastasized to my peritoneum, meaning I was literally “upstaged” (from stage IIB to stage IV), an apt metaphor for the way cancer shoves everything else aside when it makes its rude entrance.

So far it’s been dodging all the knives and poisons thrown its way.

This isn’t how I wrote the script in my head, dammit. But I trust the greatest Author of all.

3 thoughts on “About Amanda

  1. Dearest Manda, I’m looking once again at your blog. It’s November 2016 – a season we pray you will one day look back on and say “The Author is perfect and good in all His ways.” Your life right now is truly in His hands and so many are praying for you, standing before the Author of Life declaring your legal right to be healed totally. Healing is still such a mystery to most Believers. But we still know who the Author of Life is and we trust Him – hopefully with no strings attached. Most things we don’t know or understand in the midst of mystery and we wave our hands in the fog looking for secure places to hang on and get our footing until the storm is over. One thing we know for certain, Manda, you are so precious to Him. He called you forth before the earth was formed. He destined you and gifted you to show His love and goodness in this life. I believe firmly that your work here isn’t finished. So, we all who love you stand around you – along with heavenly hosts – to see watch the Victory lap. You are strong and courageous in the face of this beast and you won’t give up. Your victory has been purchased legally with the blood of God’s own Son. We are with you………..
    Your Godmother…….


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