Month: October 2017

An Update

(This post is written by Charles).

Earlier this week, the engraved stone niche cover with Amanda’s name was installed at the All Saints Church columbarium. Eleanor and I saw it, felt the letters with our fingers, for the first time this morning.


Back in July, we held a private committal service (Page 1, Page 2) and Amanda’s urn was placed in the columbarium niche wall. The stone covering remained blank as engravings can take time, especially when one has a difficult time deciding what is to be carved in stone. Eleanor and I visited the columbarium almost on a weekly basis since July; and Eleanor looked forward to when she could see Mommy’s name.

This morning when we finally saw her name, we were equally unsure of what to say or do. Later, I did find these words in the Book of Common Prayer:

Father of all, we pray to you for [Amanda] and for all those who we love but see no longer. Grant them eternal rest. Let light perpetual shine upon them. May her soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

To visit the niche, you’ll find the columbarium located in the interior courtyard between the Nave and the Great Hall at All Saints, located at 3 Chevy Chase Circle, Chevy Chase, Md. Visit any time the church is open. Even on a busy Sunday, the courtyard is serene and one can be there in peace for meaningful reflection.


Also, back in July, we scattered some of Amanda’s ashes along the Long Trail up on Mount Mansfield in Vermont. Amanda hiked up and around the mountain throughout her life; she loved its beauty.

A view from the top of Mt. Mansfield, July 2017